For basic programs I use, you select the programs you want and download a download package. Interestingly, its free version also lets you backup drivers and restore them anytime, a feature usually found in paid versions of other tools.

Without debating that, it’s often due in part to the reliance on the drivers and software created by others, such as hardware vendors. As you might expect, there are vendors with good reputations for producing quality software, and others without. Sometimes when diagnosing problems, it’s helpful to have Windows reinstall a driver without necessarily updating it.

Update your Windows 11 drivers automatically

You can even set a new PhysX configuration if you want to focus your graphic output through a particular component, whether your CPU or GPU. While you can rely on visiting the GeForce Experience hub to check on the most recent updates, you can also receive desktop notifications to help you keep up with everything.

Microsoft never supported NTVDM on 64-bit versions of Windows, or Windows on other architectures, like ARM. However, it could still be enabled on all 32-bit x86 Windows releases, including Windows 10. Windows 11 isn’t available on 32-bit x86 PCs at all, so NTVDM is completely gone, but the Command Prompt remains for running command-line tools and scripts. After downloading the driver, use the manufacturer’s recommended steps to update the graphics driver.

If Windows 11 Doesn’t find A Driver

There are a few ways to identify which Nvidia GPU you are running. The first method you can use is by go to “My Computer” or “This PC” in Windows and Right Click and select properties. Camilla, a certified MCP , has almost four years technical writing experience. Before working as a technical writer for Driver Easy, she was a technical support agent, helping people to solve their computer problems. She enjoys providing solutions to computer problems and loves exploring new technologies. Hope the tips above help you update Nvidia drivers easily.

how update drivers on pc

You can click on the Start button from the taskbar or press the Windows key USB devices Drivers update on your keyboard. The easiest way to fix corrupted drivers and update problematic drivers is to use Advanced Driver Updater. However, if you want to do it manually, you can update windows or use Device Manager. As discussed, drivers can be updated when Windows is updated. In addition, you can update drivers through the ‘Device Manager,’ the built-in Windows functionality. To block Windows from downloading the driver update again, download the Show or Hide updates tool from Microsoft. If Windows Updates downloads a driver update that causes the hardware to fail, you can disable the update.

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